How We Work?

We operate across various industries, which open the opportunity to new exciting and complex challenges that require us to be able to obtain relevant knowledge and work across the range of our expertise.

This is why we base our work on a step on step process, which covers everything from the start-up phase through to commissioning and operation. By subsequently evaluating all major projects we also ensure that we always build on experience gained, which benefits both our customers and future projects.
The process is adapted to each individual project and is therefore flexible enough to ensure best practice and unique results. In effect, it is the framework that simplifies the process and results in Smart & Reliable Automation Solutions.Based on close dialogue with our clients, we strive to integrate the individual solution with its specific context by incorporating all the relevant factors for a successful result. And this creates an extra dimension.That is how we view the world. That is how we work.

Process Steps


We follow a project process that ensures that our solutions fulfill our clients’ expectations every time. We base our work following step wise project process, which covers everything from the start-up phase to commissioning and operation.


Understanding the task is a fundamental key to solving it. In dialogue with clients we map out needs, wishes and success criteria – both in relation to the end product and the project process. We do the complete analysis while also assessing any risks involved in the project. Only when these elements have been identified can we begin to solve the task.


To ensure that the project results in the right solution, the assignment is clearly defined, delimited and put into a broader context. Time, finances, the environment, quality, working environment, interface control and communication with the parties to the project are elements in the completion of the final contract and in planning the task. The task has now become a project.


Inspiration is a necessary ingredient in every project. It requires dedication, insight and versatility to translate our technical skills into creative solutions. Brainstorming and teambuilding are key methods for achieving that special sense of shared inspiration that arises in the interplay between different fields of expertise. The combination of mutual understanding and insight with initiative and enthusiasm is a breeding ground for unique ideas and new concepts.


Creativity and making choices is an iterative process requiring energy, vision and a clear grasp of the bigger picture. Close dialogue and feedback on expectations from the customer at this stage are essential to the ongoing process. Ideas arise, and ideas are rejected. The project takes shape, and continuous evaluation ensures that the project moves steadily towards the goal. When this process has been carried through to completion, the project has become a Smart and Reliable solution.


The implementation of the project is the ultimate goal. The key to success throughout the implementation phase is to both validate the technical solution of the project and control the finances, as well as ensuring ongoing communication with the client. This calls for responsibility and transparency throughout the implementation stage. We evaluate client satisfaction along the way and after completion of the project implementation stage to ensure that useful knowledge is assimilated for the benefit of future projects. Only when the project has proven its worth to the client and society in general, is the mission completed.


Enduring solutions are solutions that are sustainable and fit for purpose. This calls for the operation and maintenance of the project to be integral right from the beginning. With insight and far-sightedness, we combine robust and flexible solutions. This enables us to let the completed project absorb change and fulfill new requirements. At the same time, we maintain communication with the client after completion of the project implementation stage. Advice on operation and maintenance planning guarantees stable operation and continued readiness for future tasks.