Future Plans

We are embarking on the next exciting stage in the evolution as one of the fastest growing Automation products Supplier.

Reorganizing Our Company Z

We are very pleased to share with you the fact that we are working on reorganizing our company. Our efforts have been helped immensely by the support of our own staff team, our new principals and most importantly our Customers.

New Brand Identity Z

As part of reinventing ourselves we are coming with a new brand identity to suitably represent our focus on delivering a wide product spread and specialized service offerings.

A Leading Partner Z

We are evolving as an organization that is aiming to meet the challenges of our customers. We believe that we will be a leading partner for automation companies for product push and the customers for product pull. We will strive hard to provide our valuable clients with an array of product options that truly reflect our stature.

To Offer Greater Services Z

We have started our strategic planning, for entering into ties with some global leaders in automation, to offer greater services to our customers. We will also redesign our web site, which will showcase our enhanced range of products and services from our new Partners, and we expect that it will provide a convenient access to our customers.

We thank all those who are contributing to the launch of our new site, all who are working to make sure that the site is truly a significant ‘upgrade’ from our original site. Look forward to being in touch again soon with updates on our other strategic initiatives.