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About Us

We are Pune based company and one of the leading engineering firm that offers innovative, automation and embedded, solutions and services to our clients.

We provide engineering, consultancy and system integration services too for industrial automation projects to various industries.Working with some of the finest automation suppliers in the world, our focused product lines includes PLC, Servo, HMI / SCADA, Motion control, and Embedded solutions from the industry-leading manufacturers.Together with world class automation products & complete automation solutions, through brands that have been consistently rated as best in class, that customers have relied upon for years, making us the supplier of choice, for customers and for the automation innovators.We continuously keep on adding complimentary product lines, to serve our customers while promoting new and existing products from our existing partners.

Our Goal :

Our goal is to give our clients “Smart and Reliable Automation Solutions” through our array of services including Pre-sale application engineering, Design & development, Application proving and Post-sale support.When you choose us, you are assured of obtaining the most advanced proven technology. We design our solutions to be compatible with your current systems, while leveraging from the best in the automation industry.

We  work hard to gain the trust and respect of our customers, by demonstrating our technical competence and by our honest and straightforward approach. We would be happy to hear about your latest projects or technical issues. Please contact us, and we would be glad to assist you.



We provide services with high quality because we have expert professionals who server their best to you.

With our high experience in the automation industry and continuous improvement and up gradation in the same, we can provide you with updated, quality support and services. We thoroughly understand all the ancillary products that surround our solutions and how to assist you in getting your processes and machines to work effectively.

Our Expertise

We assure for quality work and best results for our customers.We believe that customer’s satisfaction is key to success. We have following expertise: -PLC & HMI/SCADA systems,

-Motion Control
-PC-based automation
-Embedded/Hardware Systems

Pre-Sale Application

Customers are valuable for us.We want to make sure that we are providing our customers with the best possible solution for their specific application.In order to assure the same, our solution consists of the most cost effective and flexible products for final system success.

Design & Development

We provide solutions with latest technology and best automation control products.To better assist our customers in accomplishing their automation goals, we also offer the complete design and development part of the system.It includes designs for electrical panel, mechanical system, embedded and the control system programming.

Post-Sale Support

We always ensure that, when our customers encounter problems we have the capability to investigate and troubleshoot, until a solution is found. Our phone and email, technical support is always available, so feel free to contact.We are always happy to assist you.

How We Work?

We operate across various industries, which open the opportunity to new exciting and complex challenges that require us to be able to obtain relevant knowledge and work across the range of our expertise.

This is why we base our work on a step on step process, which covers everything from the start-up phase through to commissioning and operation. By subsequently evaluating all major projects we also ensure that we always build on experience gained, which benefits both our customers and future projects.
The process is adapted to each individual project and is therefore flexible enough to ensure best practice and unique results. In effect, it is the framework that simplifies the process and results in Smart & Reliable Automation Solutions.Based on close dialogue with our clients, we strive to integrate the individual solution with its specific context by incorporating all the relevant factors for a successful result. And this creates an extra dimension.That is how we view the world. That is how we work.

Process Steps


We follow a project process that ensures that our solutions fulfill our clients’ expectations every time. We base our work following step wise project process, which covers everything from the start-up phase to commissioning and operation.


Understanding the task is a fundamental key to solving it. In dialogue with clients we map out needs, wishes and success criteria – both in relation to the end product and the project process. We do the complete analysis while also assessing any risks involved in the project. Only when these elements have been identified can we begin to solve the task.


To ensure that the project results in the right solution, the assignment is clearly defined, delimited and put into a broader context. Time, finances, the environment, quality, working environment, interface control and communication with the parties to the project are elements in the completion of the final contract and in planning the task. The task has now become a project.


Inspiration is a necessary ingredient in every project. It requires dedication, insight and versatility to translate our technical skills into creative solutions. Brainstorming and teambuilding are key methods for achieving that special sense of shared inspiration that arises in the interplay between different fields of expertise. The combination of mutual understanding and insight with initiative and enthusiasm is a breeding ground for unique ideas and new concepts.


Creativity and making choices is an iterative process requiring energy, vision and a clear grasp of the bigger picture. Close dialogue and feedback on expectations from the customer at this stage are essential to the ongoing process. Ideas arise, and ideas are rejected. The project takes shape, and continuous evaluation ensures that the project moves steadily towards the goal. When this process has been carried through to completion, the project has become a Smart and Reliable solution.


The implementation of the project is the ultimate goal. The key to success throughout the implementation phase is to both validate the technical solution of the project and control the finances, as well as ensuring ongoing communication with the client. This calls for responsibility and transparency throughout the implementation stage. We evaluate client satisfaction along the way and after completion of the project implementation stage to ensure that useful knowledge is assimilated for the benefit of future projects. Only when the project has proven its worth to the client and society in general, is the mission completed.


Enduring solutions are solutions that are sustainable and fit for purpose. This calls for the operation and maintenance of the project to be integral right from the beginning. With insight and far-sightedness, we combine robust and flexible solutions. This enables us to let the completed project absorb change and fulfill new requirements. At the same time, we maintain communication with the client after completion of the project implementation stage. Advice on operation and maintenance planning guarantees stable operation and continued readiness for future tasks.

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We have quality customers. And with our high experience in the automation industry and continuous improvement, we provide quality support and services to them.

You can check our work examples here.Work examples are divided in different categories.

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Uhlmann Blister Packing Machine b1660_ue_db_1_neu_02


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Packing Machine




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Who we are?


Meet the start-up and successfully growing Company for Automation Solutions in India.

We have strong team of professional experts who can provide our customers the best results. We believe straight forward and simplicity is the key to success. We want to know your requirements so that we can prepare a proper plan format for you. The business can be based on good communication for grow up together.

Here are our expert professionals who can listen your needs, understand your requirements of business and will work on your projects to make it better.

Santosh Dogra
Business Partner

Total 14 years of industrial experience:- 2 years with “ENERTECH UPS LTD.” in the production and design & development of the power electronics devices. 12 years with “MESSUNG SYSTEMS PVT LTD.” in the industrial automation field and sound knowledge related to hardware of Mitsubishi PLCs, Servos, Inverters, HMIs (Mitsubishi & Beijer make).


-Principal hardware engineer with 10 + years of experience in electronics engineering

-Design & development of Offline & Online UPS .

-Design & developments on power, analog, digital & microprocessor circuits.

-Testing , troubleshooting & reworking of electronic circuit boards to component level.

-Study and good knowledge related to hardware of Mitsubishi PLCs, Servos, Inverters, HMIs (Mitsubishi & Beijer make).

-Component level debugging and testing work done on Mitsubishi PLCs, HMIs, Servo amplifiers, VFDs and also on Beijer make HMIs.

Rajkumar Mohite
Business Partner

14 yrs. of experience in the field of Industrial Automation:-  5 yrs. in Power Electronics – • UPS, Chargers, Inverters. 6 yrs. with Messung Systems Pvt Ltd – • PLC, HMI, AC drives based Automation Projects • Servo drives, Motion control based Automation Projects; 3 yrs. with Gudel India Pvt Ltd –• PLC, Servo drives based Automation Projects • Motion Controller based Automation Projects • TwinCAT soft PLC based Automation Projects

– Application study.

– Controller sizing (hardware/software/PLC/Servomotors).

– Coordination & planning for project execution.

– Programming, Installation & commissioning of projects.

– Training and Project Documentation.

Future Plans

We are embarking on the next exciting stage in the evolution as one of the fastest growing Automation products Supplier.

Reorganizing Our Company Z

We are very pleased to share with you the fact that we are working on reorganizing our company. Our efforts have been helped immensely by the support of our own staff team, our new principals and most importantly our Customers.

New Brand Identity Z

As part of reinventing ourselves we are coming with a new brand identity to suitably represent our focus on delivering a wide product spread and specialized service offerings.

A Leading Partner Z

We are evolving as an organization that is aiming to meet the challenges of our customers. We believe that we will be a leading partner for automation companies for product push and the customers for product pull. We will strive hard to provide our valuable clients with an array of product options that truly reflect our stature.

To Offer Greater Services Z

We have started our strategic planning, for entering into ties with some global leaders in automation, to offer greater services to our customers. We will also redesign our web site, which will showcase our enhanced range of products and services from our new Partners, and we expect that it will provide a convenient access to our customers.

We thank all those who are contributing to the launch of our new site, all who are working to make sure that the site is truly a significant ‘upgrade’ from our original site. Look forward to being in touch again soon with updates on our other strategic initiatives.

Contact Us

We hope you will give us a call with any questions or comments but feel free to use the  contact form  below if you prefer.

Get in Touch.

We provide 24 x 7 service.Please get in touch with your requirements. We would help you for sure.


Full-fledged, Modern Development center located in Pune, India.Phone: (91)9890431584 / (91)9890178607

Mail: s.dogra@sandrtechnologies.co.in  / r.mohite@sandrtechnologies.co.in

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